Red Hot Cleaning Services

Over the years we have been working behind the scenes to bring you a boutique cleaning shop wherein you can have your precious garments laundered and dry cleaned, we take care of any garments from wedding dresses (including wedding gown preservations), work suits ,tailored suits ,trousers, woolen garments , evening wear, shirts , designer garments ,teddy bears ,puff jackets, leather jackets, sleeping bags , bedding, linen ,curtains, suede , dog beds  and more  . Our team brings industry  experience with   knowledge base spanning over 38 years in expertly delivering a high quality of garment cleaning ,stain removal and care . We use only top line solvents so that all garments are revived to look and feel their best ,we pay diligent attention on special requests by customers . We are proud to serve our community & our RELIABLE PROFESSIONAL CLEANING SERVICE will earn your trust  .At Red Hot Cleaning we know first impressions last and we are here to make sure your garments are cleaned to  impress . WE GO THE EXTRA MILE.

Dry cleaning terms & conditions

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